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Teeth in a day Nottingham | Same day dental implants Nottingham

The immediate option for missing teeth

Teeth in a morning

It is now possible to place dental implants and fit them with temporary teeth restorations during the same appointment. This means that while your implants are healing and ossification of the bone around the implant site is given time to occur, you are left with stable replacement teeth that enable you to speak, eat and smile with confidence. Your final teeth are fitted after the requisite healing time.

Eliminate dentures in one day

With conventional dental implants, you still face a period of time with gaps in your teeth where the implant has been placed or wearing often ill-fitting dentures. This can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and affect your self-confidence. With our fast implants, you no longer face these problems.

Fast implants

  • Enables us to place dental implants and fit provisional teeth restorations in one appointment
  • Usually requires four to six implants
  • Final teeth are fitted after the requisite healing time (approximately five months)

  • Restores the form and function of your teeth in one day
  • Instead of unsightly gaps or ill-fitting dentures, you have a stable replacement that lets you eat, smile and speak with confidence
  • Guaranteed by The Campbell Clinic for 10 years
What are fast implants?

Fast implants, often referred to as ‘Teeth in a day’, use an innovative design that enables us to fit temporary restorations to your implants in just one appointment. The implants are placed into your jaw making them strong enough to sustain teeth immediately after fitting.

Why choose fast implants?

Missing teeth can hit a person’s confidence hard and you may be worried about how you’ll cope with gaps in your teeth or wearing dentures while your implants are healing. Our fast implants cancel out these concerns, giving you functional, attractive teeth from the day your implants are fitted.

Can anyone have fast implants?

A full assessment of each individual patient is required to assess for suitability of this type of treatment. This can be carried out by the expert team at The Campbell Clinic.

In some patients it is more beneficial to have the new teeth fitted the following day. We will advise you accordingly as to your suitability for such treatment.

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  • Prior to my implant it was difficult to eat certain foods, I was constantly aware of the denture, always worried incase it dropped or came out! Now my eating ability has increased, I can smile and laugh with confidence once again.

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  • I have now had my new teeth a couple of weeks and they are FAB! I just want to say thank you for everything you did for me.

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